Paperhouse is a short story in the Chung Kuo Expanded Universe. It takes place in 2067, between Son of Heaven and Daylight on Iron Mountain.

Plot SummaryEdit

Ni Shan Chi is a Han worker during the construction of the City Europe. He is well-liked among his peers and is known for his off-color humor. Upon receiving some time off after his workgroup receives commendations, he travels alone to the edge of the City's construction, where he witnesses the rape and murder of two young women by Han soldiers. He is deeply disturbed by the event. Later, back in the worker housing, Ni Shan Chi is found dead by a colleague, having hanged himself with his belt.

Release DetailsEdit

Paperhouse is notable in that it was first released by Wingrove free on the Internet via a fan website, Of Gifts and Stones. It is currently not planned for release as one of the twenty-eight stories in the Expanded Universe volumes.

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