The Middle Kingdom
Book One of Chung Kuo
Author David Wingrove
Publication date 1989
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
The Broken Wheel
This entry refers to the first novel of the original version of the series. For the third volume of the revised version of the series, see The Middle Kingdom.

The Middle Kingdom is the first book of the original version of the Chung Kuo series by David Wingrove. It was originally published in 1989. The same title was reused for the third novel of the revised version of the series.

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The world is City Earth, ruled by the Seven, China's new kings. Beautiful, controlled, sensual, this high-tech society is rushing toward war between the forces of East and West, between the rebels who hunger for change and the overlords who demand stability, between the very powers of darkness and light. It will be an era of violent conflagration destined to expose the basest elements of human nature... and the highest dreams.

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