The White Mountain
Book Three of Chung Kuo
Author David Wingrove
Publication date 1991
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Broken Wheel
Followed by
The Stone Within
This entry refers to the third novel of the original version of the series. For the eighth volume of the revised version of the series, see The White Mountain.

The White Mountain' is the third book of the original version of the Chung Kuo series by David Wingrove. It was originally published in 1991. The same title was reused for the eighth novel of the revised version of the series.

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A towering world-city covers almost every acre of every continent. Seven high-tech fiefdoms, ruled by seven lords united in unimaginable power. But now the wheel is broken. The Seven are divided at last. Armed rebellion has broken out in Chung Kuo's few remaining open spaces: on the vast grains, within the chilly Mars colony... and along the proud spine fo the mountain chains, where hardy guerrillas scoff at the gunships of the T'ang. In desperation, the Seven plot their final solution in secret council, a gambit that could ensure peace... at a terrible price.

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